UPDATE: This wiki is for ideas ONLY, meaning that there is no confirmation of anything just yet so that users can share their ideas for a possible reboot.
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Welcome to the Lab Rats: Elite Force Reboot Wikia! This is a collaborative idea wiki for a possible reboot of the now-cancelled series, Lab Rats: Elite Force! Make sure to read the rules before editing, and stay tuned for more amazing content!

Series Premiere

The Rise of Five
Season 1, Episode 16 | Aired October 23, 2016

Technical difficulties

Davenport introduces Bree and Chase to their new headquarters, a high-tech, high-rise penthouse in Centium City, and their new team members, Kaz, Oliver and Skylar. They also meet Michael Jacobs, an anthropomorphic cat who lives in Centium City and just recently gained powers from a strange storm. However, they must work together in order to defeat Roman & Riker, two shapeshifters who want to destroy all superheroes and are responsible for Mighty Med's destruction.

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LAST UPDATED: May 9, 2018

1. Welcome to the Lab Rats: Elite Force Reboot Wiki! Edit

Welcome to the wiki for the Lab Rats: Elite Force Reboot idea! Here, you can share your own ideas for a possible reboot as well as hang out with the members of the community! Read more...

Did You Know?

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  • ...That this is an idea for a reboot of Lab Rats: Elite Force?
  • ...That Josh Keaton is known for his roles in Hercules, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Voltron: Legendary Defender?
  • ...That Spencer Boldman (Adam), Devan Leos (Alan), and Auggie Isaac (Gus) did not appear in the spin-off?
  • ...That Marvin "Krondon" Jones III is known for his role as Tobias Whale in Black Lightning?
  • ...That William Brent guest starred on A.N.T. Farm, Jake Short's old show?
  • ...That Tyrel Jackson Williams, who played Leo Dooley in Lab Rats, will return in the spin-off?
  • ...That all the main characters (except Michael Jacobs and Adrian Blonsky) appeared in Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med, a crossover combining both shows?
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